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Potential with HiveMentor

The freedom to choose

Management development programs and assigned mentors rarely engage high-potential staff effectively.

Studies show that people with assigned mentors don’t progress as fast as those who have selected their mentor, and it’s often the case that an in-house mentor won’t have the time to teach people their job while continuing to perform it themselves.

Enter HiveMentor from HiveMind Network.

It's your choice

HiveMentor gives your high-potential employees the choice to select an experienced and respected mentor from a roster of dozens of HiveMind experts.

HiveMentors work with mentees to develop a personalised development plan that includes a strict confidentiality clause. The mentors job is to help the individual excel in their career and not report back to management.

We offer mentors in all areas of Business Transformation, IT Transformation, Product Design and Software Engineering.

Service Benefits

Select a Mentor

Select from a pool of HIveMentors and find the person that best aligns with your needs.

Mentor Agreement

Work with your mentor to describe your goals, how you want to work, and when you are available.


The agreement and discussions between you and your mentor are strictly confidential.