“Agility, Integrity, Experience & Affordability” 

The FOUR most common words our clients use when asked why they use HiveMind

With our experience in both using and supplying tier one consulting, advisory, resourcing and software services, we knew there was a smarter, more open, flexible and affordable way for clients to engage the expertise they need to help their business flourish. 

We called it HiveMind. 


When we ask our clients what they like most about HiveMind, and why they keep using us, four phrases come up time and again; Flexibility and Agility, Integrity and Experience, and Value for Money. 

We combine the very best of several worlds. The consistency, continuity, breadth and depth of the large scale consulting firms, the agility and customer focus of the smaller, niche consultancy, and the specialist deep subject matter expertise and affordability of the very best independent practitioners.  Delivered in a frictionless way.

Flexibility and Agility

From the outset we built HiveMind to provide a highly flexible and agile service.  Whether it’s a brief call with a deep subject matter expert or a s/w delivery team for 12 months, we deliver. 

You’re free to engage with the expertise and services you want, in the way which suits your budget and your needs, and finally, if we don’t meet the agreed expectations you don’t pay.

Integrity and Experience

The average time our specialists has worked in their chosen area of expertise is circa 14+ years.  Which means we hit the ground running, and deliver a positive impact within days not weeks.

We’ve built HiveMind as a broad church of expertise because solving the challenges facing modern business isn’t a “one trick pony” affair. We orchestrate and apply this range of expertise and experience, to deliver the changes you need at pace.

Value for money

 On a like for like basis we’re a third to half the cost of our closest competitors.

To do this we use remote working wherever and whenever possible. We look to serve you with local skills and capabilities, backed up by a global network. We automate as much as we can without de-personalising the relationships, and finally we don’t operate out of luxurious city centre premises, because we believe you should pay for our expertise not the marble flooring.

What our clients say

John Morea, CEO, Scotia Gas Network

“I’ve always been very sceptical of the high cost and minimal value delivered when engaging with traditional consultancies.

I’m delighted to say that HiveMind changed my mind, demonstrating that with their model,  high value can be achieved at minimal cost, helping both our Customer Experience team and IT Transformation Programme…”

Glynn Timmins, Group IT Director, Smurfit Kappa

“We use HiveMind because of the depth and breadth of their expertise, the value for money they offer and their guarantees on quality.  We also wanted to test some alternatives to the large scale consultancies.

We get to work with outstanding people, with services and solutions that deliver great results time and again…”

Nick Burton, Group CDO, Autoglass (Belron)

“HiveMind has supported Belron in several areas including customer experience, digital strategy, and innovation to name just a few. 

Their model keeps costs down, and not at the expense of quality, I’ve no hesitation in recommending them…”

*Please note that Nick is now Digital CIO at Avon Cosmetics

Angus Hearmon, Head of Research IT

“We recently chose HiveMind to help develop our Benefits Management capability in the University. They were selected after competing and winning against a number of well know consulting firms.

They won because of the depth of expertise demonstrated and exceptional value for money.  Their work to date has been exemplary…”


A community without shared purpose is just a network of loose connections and relationships.  HiveMind expert practitioners share a core purpose and participate in a business model which encourages and enables us to work together as a cohesive and coherent group whilst still enabling internal competitiveness to benefit our clients.

HiveMind takes full accountability and responsibility for the work our experts deliver, managing and assuring the quality and outcome along with integrating the different services required to deliver the changes you need.  

More than


Expert Practitioners

Across 5 continents

With on average


years of experience 


We keep mentioning our values because without them and a clear purpose HiveMind simply wouldn’t work.  These value are embedded into every decision we take and every initiative we get involved with.  You can read them in under a minute, or if you’re one of those people that likes a video, then you can watch a 52 second video with some slightly generic, but not unpleasant background music…

  • Challenge conventional thinking,
  • Earn respect through knowledge not hierarchy,
  • Do the things we love doing first and foremost,
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that we do,
  • Demonstrate deep subject matter expertise combined with humility,
  • Act with fairness, decency and reciprocity towards one another,
  • Recognise & continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together.