Typical engagements expect the biggest commitments at precisely the point where the least amount of information is available. Don’t be typical; Work Different.

We accept and embrace engaging based on unknowns with minimal investment in order to work with clients to combine our broad and deep insight and experience with their own, to define the best route forward and execute together. Focused on your outcomes, our flexible approach ensures that you are able to access the right support and guidance, at the right time, for just the right amount of time!


  • Use only what or who you need, only when you need it.
  • Only consume budget where and when value is delivered.
  • Frictionless ability to change shape and scale of support as your needs evolve.
  • Change pace to suite changing demands from within your business or your market.
  • Develop a deep partner understanding of your environment and needs for strategic support at a fraction of the cost of a typical strategic relationship through a ‘fractional’ and on-demand model.
  • Cap costs while maintaining fully flexibility around work; ensuring we’re always focused on what’s valuable; not just what’s on a outdated SoW.  


Whether we take a fixed cost approach through an annual subscription agreement with unmetered support focused around key individuals, or if we work fully flexibly across entire teams using our industry leading ‘Network Unit‘ engagement model, our focus is always on measuring our own success through the measurable success of our clients. Whichever direction your changing business requirements take us both, we’ll constantly re-evaluate what you consider to be valuable today; course correcting with our service delivery to you, working with you as we go. No need for new contracts, change requests or lengthy re-alignment processes. We’re as agile as you’re able to be and promise never to be the bottleneck.



Clients purchase Network Units to cover expected delivery requirements.

HiveMind Practitioners are engaged as outlined in a proposal, work package, assignment or through discovery.

Network Units are consumed as, (and only when) clients confirm value is being delivered.

We continuously refine and measure against the value of work done together, to inform our ongoing decisions; together.



We assist clients by determining their optimal routes to change and support continuously through the change journey.

Providing both structured and ad-hoc access to support, tailored and guided by a dedicated and highly experienced ‘Executive Partner‘, facilitated by your dedicated Executive Relationship Manager; ensuring you have the insight, experience and skills needed, precisely when you need them. 

Tailored, continuity of service and ongoing support is provided from your Executive Partner, who is experienced and tenured in both business and IT, typically having worked as a minimum at your current level or above within the enterprise. There to coach, mentor and guide you toward achievement of both your business and personal goals, your Executive Partner can also facilitate team sessions and/or workshops to progress your agenda with your team. 

Benefit from unlimited calls with industry and technology experts and specialists from across our network, facilitated by your Executive Partner / Executive Relationship Manager.

Timely ‘document reviews‘ from industry experts and specialists can validate your thinking, increase confidence in technical and business documents you produce and review supplier proposal and contracts; all facilitated by your Executive Partner and / or Executive Relationship Manager.

Last but not least, gain a wealth of insight through peer discussion, growing your own executive network from participating in regular, exclusive ‘round table‘ events, both in person and on-line. Due to HiveMind’s unique, ever growing network of both Delivery Experts and Clients the world over who are known for both their values and behaviours as well as their capabilities and achievements, the potential value in your personal network has never been greater.  

With dedicated, facilitated support from your Executive Relationship Manager, HiveMind subscription clients benefit from the ongoing focus of a rounded team to drive maximum value through the lifetime of their subscription.

Clients also have 24/7 access to our ‘Answer Store‘ Platform – for rapid, app / on-line service access should you choose.



Executives need a way to rapidly determine what their organisation needs, why and how to get it, so that they can better define their goals, their paths to achieving those goals and the value their work will contribute to the business.

HiveMind experts have spent three years collaboratively building persona based models and analysing 100’s of successful and failed initiatives to support the achievement of this through an ‘accelerated approach’. We call the engagement model utilising the insight, tools, methods and approach we’ve developed, ‘Accelerated engagement’; AKA an Accelerator.

Accelerators are a collaborative, research informed way of working together, supported by tooling and process that allow us to quickly define with you, where you’re are at, where you need to be and the most effective way to get there. This allows you to more easily communicate progress and value in your work to colleagues and across your business in meaningful ways along your journey.

We begin with an objective baseline of current capabilities whilst gaining a deeper understanding of technology strategy and business goals. This enables you to focus on activities that drive value for you, your team from day one.

  • Research and experience based approach
  • Provides a ‘baseline’ objective measurement
  • Identify newly sought areas of business value and the blockers to change and delivery
  • Rationalise and prioritise work
  • Co-create and deliver a structured plan aligned to key business goals and metrics.



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